The CRM Field Guide

The CRM Field Guide - How to CRM like an MVP with Dynamics CRM

The CRM Field Guide is an essential guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM that everyone should have on their bookshelf. This book offers you details not only on CRM fundamentals and extensibility points but also the tried and true best practices and strategies of the combined experience of some of the most recognizable global experts in the CRM industry. The field guide contains insights from many CRM MVP contributors and is intended to be a book you pick up over and over again as you use CRM.

Having the CRM Field Guide by your side is like having the “hotline” to the industry experts. When you hear the term Field Guide you likely think of nature; identifying key plants or animals in a new and exciting place. Obviously this book is not that type of a guide. This book is what you pick up when it’s Friday night and you are stuck with one last CRM problem between you and the weekend.

The CRM Field Guide is not a reference repeating all the contents of the CRM documentation, but it is designed to complement what Microsoft provides offering insights from real world deployments of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There’s so much content in the CRM Field Guide, one of the MVPs joked it could probably have enough weight to hold down your desk if a tornado passes through your office!

In the CRM Field Guide you will find details that can help administrators, customizers and developers; not to mention power business users wanting to know all the details the admin never tells them. If you run CRM in the cloud or sitting in a server room at your office the information is useful.

Q: So what will you learn from this book? - A: Lots!
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Who is this book for
This book is for all the accidental CRM administrators. The power users. Any CRM team member that needs to know something more about the software that helps them do their jobs better.
About the Author- What is an "MVP"?
In this context it’s a CRM all-star. Someone that has been recognized by Microsoft and others as a global expert in their chosen expertise, in this case Dynamics CRM. Every author of this book has been honored with the title of Dynamics CRM MVP. MVPs work hard and give back to their professional communities by sharing their knowledge in blogs, at conferences, user groups and books. Some work for big corporations, some are consultants but all are globally recognized experts. Authors: Joel Lindstrom Feridun Kadir David Yack Carsten Groth Scott Sewell Larry Lentz Jukka Niiranen Jakub Skalbania Leon Tribe Rhett Clinton Ramon Tebar Giorgio Garcia-Agreda George Doubinski Roberto Nocera Jason Lattimer Mark Smith David Berry Demian Raschkovan Gus Gonzalez Gustaf Westerlund Dylan Haskins Jerry Weinstock Julie Yack